Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "oven ready" and "to raise" croissants?

We at Mazzilli produce both "oven ready" croissants and "to raise" croissants.

"Oven ready" croissants need only to be defrosted for 15 minutes at room temperature before baking.

"To raise" croissants are a bit cheaper, but they need to raise for 8 hours before baking.

Why my croissants deflated right after I took them out of the oven?

Croissants - along with most of the Mazzilli products - should be baked at a temperature between 170 and 180°, depending on the kind of oven used. When baked at a higher temperature, they tend to deflate after they are taken out of the oven.

What ingredients do you use to make your products?

We use italian ingredients only, among which: high quality italian flour, high quality italian margarine, italian chocolate, crème patissière and jams especially selectioned during years of work to achieve the best possible result in the taste of our croissants.

How long have you been working in this field?

Mr. Mazzilli opened his small bakery in the early seventies, in the village of Gravina di Puglia. Some years later, in 1990, Mazzilli srl (limited liability company) was founded in Jesce industrial park, a few kilometers from the city of Matera. Since then, we have been growing our business little by little, thanks to our passion and our commitment toward what we consider the most important thing in our work: the Quality of our products.

Curved croissants are slightly more expensive than straight ones. Why is it so?

A perfectly curved croissants cannot be made by machines. They would lose their shape during the baking. Therefore we curve our croissants by hand. One by one.

How much filling is in your croissants?

Usually from 12% to 15%.

What is a Panzarottino?

A Panzarottino (or Panzerottino) is a small version of the Panzerotto, the fried savoury turnover filled with tomato and mozzarella, which is one of the most typical food in southern Italy, second only to the pizza. We at Mazzilli produce both classic panzarottini (prefried or uncooked) and cereal panzarottini.

What are your delivery conditions?

We usually offer free delivery to any italian port / airport. We could also take charge of the shipment abroad, offering CIF or DAP conditions.

What is your Minimun Order Qualtity?

Usually our MOQ is 1 europallet for italian destinations, and 2 europallets for european countries.

How many boxes are in an europallet?

It depends on the size of the box we use. Generally speaking, a pallet is composed of 54 "big" boxes (cm: 39*26*28.5 high) or 72 "small" boxes (cm: 39*26*16 high), or 63 mixed boxes for pallets which includes different kind of products.

What is the shelf life of your products?

12 months, since we always produce on-demand.

Are you an HACCP certified company?

Yes we are. 

Can you provide a certificate of origin for your products?

Yes we can.