Research & Development

Our R&D department in collaboration with chefs, food and intolerances experts, is constantly studying and perfecting our products, by creating new tasty combinations and recipes.


These activities are based on accurate market surveys aimed at identifying new trends and new preferences. At the same time, we maintain a tight connection with local gastronomy traditions, which is a determinant factor in any territory.


Every time you eat a Mazzilli product you can be sure you eat something safe and tasty.


Quality for us is much more than an objective. It is a deep responsibility, for it involves both the satisfaction and the wellbeing of the many clients who chose us every day.

The production plant complies with the current european food legislation, which reduce the risk of external and internal food contamination to the minimum, guaranteeing the safety of our products.

Our company guarantees the quality of every product thanks to sophisticated control procedures.


The punctual and reliable delivery of our products is a fundamental point in our company philosophy. 


As we deeply care about our clients’ health, we entrust logistics to reliable partners who guarantee a smooth and punctual distribution network.


Thanks to this philosophy, we are sure that our frozen products are delivered in perfect conditions.